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Occupational Safety and Health Awareness online course

A general introduction to safety and occupational hygiene for workers and supervisors who are involved in or interested in the protection of workers and themselves from workplace hazards

This self-directed, asynchronous, online course will familiarise you with occupational health and safety hazards and their control, helping you to develop the skills necessary to proactively recognize hazards and potential solutions in your workplace.  

An Awareness level course, it does not lead to an OHTA or other certification.

The course has been developed in partnership with the Phylmar Academy, a division of the Phylmar Group. Our sincere thanks go to the following people for their contributions: Course Editor Dr. Zack Mansdorf (OHTA Lead), Cass Ben-Levi (Phylmar Group), Marianne Levitsky, Chris Laszcz-Davis, Debbie Dietrich, Melissa Gould, David Hiipakka and Dr. Ross Di Corleto

Cost: $50