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Examination Fees and the OHTA Course Levy

Please find below information about the examination fee, including the OHTA course levy.

BOHS Examination Fee

British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) is the awarding and examining body for OHTA modules. 

The examination fee for OHTA modules in 2019 is £100.00 per student. Full details of the BOHS examination fees are available on the BOHS website here.

OHTA Course Levy

In addition to the BOHS examination fee, there is an OHTA course levy* of £40.00 per student. This is collected by BOHS on behalf of OHTA at the same time that BOHS collects the examination fee.

Total cost per student
£100.00 + £40.00 = £140.00

 *Please note the OHTA course levy is not charged for resits.

Discounted Examination Fees for Training in Developing Countries

BOHS also offers discounted examination fees to help promote the training of occupational hygienists in developing countries. 

The discount of £10.00 is available for each candidate who attends a course in a developing country. The course must be a public course (not an in-house course), run in a developing country as listed by the World Bank.

Training providers will be asked to confirm to BOHS that the discount has been given to the candidates so the amount can be deducted from the examination fees invoice.

Photo courtesy of Lalitha Burra, Nayati International

Total cost per student

  • £100.00 BOHS Examination Fee
  • £40.00 OHTA Course Levy
  • TOTAL = £140.00