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Foundation level

The Foundation level provides core  knowledge to develop a career in occupational hygiene

It also suitable for people who simply need a better understanding of occupational hygiene, such as doctors, nurses, safety professionals, engineers and managers

Studying for the Foundation level

The OHTA course called Principles of Occupational Hygiene is designed to meet the needs of people wishing to study at the Foundation level.  It is a 5-day programme that provides a basic introduction to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of risks to health in the workplace.  It will introduce you to chemical exposures, noise, the thermal environment, lighting, radiation, ergonomics, behavioural science and much more.

Taking the foundation qualification is not a pre-requisite for progression to the Intermediate level courses but is strongly advised for those who do not have any experience in occupational hygiene.

The Foundation level qualification

On successful completion of the Principles of Occupational Hygiene course and examination the student will receive an Award of Successful Course Completion in the Principles of Occupational Hygiene.

Alternative courses at the Foundation level may be offered by some national associations, large companies, academic institutions or commercial organisations.  Such courses may be recognised as equivalent to the Principles course by the OHTA.  Some national associations may offer a special grade of membership for holders of the Foundation level qualification.


Prior learning

Unless you have a scientific background to high school level, we recommend that you study introductory courses in chemistry and statistics before taking the Principles course.  Suitable courses are available online.  

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